Frit Testing for the new Val Cox Frits

A few frit beads tested with the new Val Cox frit blends at One test came out spectacular, Iron Oxide. All I can tell you is that you need to buy this frit. What spectacular results. This was a wonderful combination: 6206 Reichenbach 104 COE Multicolor Dark with Val Cox Iron Oxide Frit encased with DH Zephyr. Can you say oolala...


Next up is Luna Blue. One of the really nice results from this test was Luna Blue on 220 Lt Periwinkle and using a stringer to swirl the colors. It so makes me think of the Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Night: 


Tawny White was super on Tranparent Black T-064 with silver foil. This combination provided some nice blue halos, along with striations and some silver.


Val Cox Lipstick on several different bases from left to right:  P-204 White, P-219 Copper Green, P-224 Light Sky Blue, P-266 Opal Yellow, P-273 Soft Violet, P-260 Light Pink



Val Cox Pink Taffy bases from left to right:  P-204 White, P-266 Opal Yellow, K-100 Crystal Clear, Blend A, encase Kugler Crystal Clear, 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd, P-221 Lavender, P-260 Light Pink.


Viola Blue on the following bases:  P-204 White, P-219 Copper Green, P-268 Pearl Gray, K-100 Crystal Clear, Luna Blue frit, encased Kugler K-100 Crystal Clear, P-220 Light Periwinkle, T-050 Transparent Pale Blue.


Val Cox Primrose on the following bases: P-204 White, P-219 Copper Green, 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd, 765 Chai.


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